Ringcraft Equestrian – Sno-White Whitening Shampoo – Product Review


As the keeper of a Unicorn, I consider myself to have an expert level of knowledge when it comes to the subject of equine shampoos, a magical creature he might be but unfortunately he doesn’t bath himself and would rather go in disguise if given the chance.


For this reason the Sno-White Whitening Shampoo by Ring Craft Equestrian in the April subscription of My Horse Box made my eyes widen as I read the label ”specifically designed to attack the toughest of stains”. My instant thought…sheep poo, because this Spring the Unicorn shares his paddock with a flock of lovely lambs, great for grazing, yet not for greys and what better challenge to face the shampoo with.
Arriving on Friday, I had a dressage competition on the Sunday, so wasted no time at all in putting it to the test, the bottle is huge – 750ml was included in My Horse Box and retails at £14.99 – with a pump that I celebrated for its ease of use. Once in my hands it felt more like a moisturiser than a shampoo, a light consistency and white in colour, a welcome surprise as every shampoo I use on both myself and the Unicorn seems to be blue these days. The scent is soft and relaxing, once it is lathered into the coat the warm water heightens the honeysuckle and sandalwood mixed with thoughtful ingredients to remove dirt, grease and stains yet leaving the coat with all the natural protection it needs.



And although named Sno-White Whitening Shampoo it can be used safely and successfully on any coloured coat to clean and enhance, making it a good investment if you only have the odd white sock to polish because it can also be used all over the body.


Gee Gee and Me found the results to be fantastic, the sheep poo stains removed using only the shampoo, warm water, a little time to let it work into the coat and once rinsed the Unicorn looked ready to dazzle his judges on Sunday, a smooth, clean, sparkly coat.



Written by Jessica Challinor (Gee Gee and Me) on behalf of My Horse Box