Outside The Box: August Favourites


Hello! Welcome to the first ever post in our new ‘Outside The Box’ series. We often post articles and blogs about our boxes and the products inside, but we want to branch out and start covering a wider scope of content as well. ‘Outside The Box’ posts will explore anything and everything equestrian, and we’re staring with a blog all about our August Favourites!


Here at My Horse Box HQ, we are always looking for fabulous equestrian products. We make it our business to find the best items on the equine market, and many of these make it into our luxury subscription boxes. However, we often come across some real gems that would sadly never fit into a shoebox-sized package! So this August I have created a round-up of some of my recently discovered horsey must-haves. From belts to memo boards, saddle pads to socks, here are five products I’m crushing on this month…


My Horse Box Aug Faves


Mackenzie & George Badminton Belt – £59.99


Mackenzie & George are renowned for creating some of the most lust-worthy equestrian and country style accessories. They make hats, brooches, clutch bags, and this blooming gorgeous Badminton belt.


Available in various different colours and finishes, my personal choice would be black leather with silver snaffles. What I love most about this belt, and indeed all M&G products, is the attention to detail. Not only can you have the belts embossed with your initials (mine are ‘AJB’, if anyone is struggling with what to buy me for my birthday), but the solid brass fittings are beautifully engraved, too. To see the Badminton for yourself, click here.



Monty & Emma’s Organic Sunblock – £14.99



Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessive about sun care. Therefore, it was much to my joy that, when looking for summer-themed products to feature in the July My Horse Box, I came across this fabulous suncream for horse and rider. The cream is made by a lovely lady called Jo who owns Earthbound Organics, a natural skincare company.


Originally she made the cream for her friend Rachel, whose horse Monty suffered terribly in the sun. The sunblock is so effective yet so gentle, that a few years later it is now available to the public to buy, and the reviews are nothing short of brilliant! It has an approximate SPF of 30, and contains no added fragrance, so as not to interfere with a horse’s sense of smell.


To read more about this sunblock and to buy a tin for yourself, click here. And to take a look at the excellent human skincare products from Earthbound Organics, click here!



Aztec Diamond Equestrian Navy Saddle Cloth – £50

Aztec Diamond Equestrian are a really special brand as far as I’m concerned. Jordan McCabe launched the company in 2014 when she was just eighteen years old, and it has evolved into a brand that produces some of the most stylish riding gear I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. Last week, Aztec Diamond revealed their first ever horse wear collection. The real stand-out product for me was this beautiful navy saddle cloth.


Available in black, navy and white, these saddle pads have been made with breathable fabric on the top and sweat-wicking soft mesh on the underside, making them perfect for competitions and training. I just love how carefully they have been designed, with lovely little features like press-stud girth straps instead of velcro ones, which have a tendency to get snagged up with hair. To see the whole horse wear collection, click here.



Equetech Snaffle Riding Socks – £10.50



Who doesn’t love a good pair of riding socks? I certainly do. And, more importantly, I especially love riding socks (and women’s sportswear items in general) that don’t involve pink. The cool teal and grey colour scheme and the stylish snaffle detailing makes these socks my idea of perfection. I also love how you get two pairs in contrasting designs. I must admit I would be very tempted to wear one of each colour at the same time!


We featured a 3-pack of Equetech riding socks in the May My Horse Box, and the response from our subscribers about the quality and feel of those socks was excellent. Watch this space for these snazzy snaffle socks to make an appearance one day…


To have a look at these toasty toe-warmers, click here.


Robin Roadnight Equestrian Art Memo Board – £35



In case you hadn’t noticed already, blue is very much my favourite colour! So when it comes to home decor, I am always drawn to cobalts, cornflowers, turquoises and teals, because I find blue to be a very happy and calming shade. This lovely memo board from Robin Roadnight Equestrian Art fits in perfectly with my ideal home colour scheme, and I just simply love that fabulous fabric!


Beautifully handcrafted in the UK, this board features thick elastic cords attached to the linen backing, and it’s the perfect way to showcase memos, rosettes, business cards, or essentially anything you can think of. Knowing me, it would soon be filled with old receipts and dentist appointment slips, but at least they would look great! You can find the memo board in various colours here.



August Favourites, Finished!


So there you have it; my top five equestrian products of the moment! If you have found anything that you love too, make sure you visit these brand’s websites or social media pages and share the love. What’s your favourite item from my round-up?


Until next time!


Annabelle x