Product Review: Leroy & Bongo Planner


During my 9-5 or 8 to 6…sometimes 7 as a more appropriate description, my world reolves around my computer. My trusted outlook calendar dictates my day minute by minute, constantly reminding me of meetings, conference calls and due returns. Without this wonderful tool, I’d be lost because in my professional life I don’t do paper…however my personal life couldn’t be more different.


I still note personal appointments in my Filofax, refusing to use my iPhone diary, I mind map, plan and prepare all of my blog ideas in a notebook, I appreciate a good pen and patterned paper. My father once joked and asked himself whether he deprived me of such things when I was young because of my stationery obsession, but neither of my parents did, it’s just the novelty of neat handwriting and well presented work never wore off, maybe it’s the romance of writing I love?


Because of this is it no surprise I am smitten with Leroy and Bongo’s 2017 Planner, an essential tool to organise your horsey life in one beautiful place split into six chapters;


One. Essential information, including registered name, stable name, 
gender, colour, height, dam, sire, date of foaling, owner, rider and contact details
Two. Healthcare in a simple twelve month view.
Schedule essential appointments and activities such as vaccinations, dentist, farrier,
physiotherapist, worming and because it is designed across a two page spread 
it makes plotting the dates easy and helps me to budget financially for these appointments
Three. Training and events pages month by month, 
specific columns for event location, entry deadline dates, results and notes.
This feature makes me realise how many days there are in a month and potentially how
many pony parties I could fit in, I intend to fill it with high expectations and even if 
I only tick a couple off be satisfied because I am often guilty of leaving entries too late.
Four. A daily planner, one week is shown over two pages and prompts weekly 
goal setting, progress notes, to-do lists, feed, supplement and weight tape monitoring
(I really must start weight monitoring, all done by eye or when we visit the vets at the moment)
Five. Note pages…useful for doodling your dressage test…dashes = trot,
full stop = transition…we’ve all done this
Six. Contacts page – essential for when the technology fails
The planners are available in grey, pink, blue and white and are £20 from Leroy and Bongo.
My PE teacher in school frequently quoted “fail to prepare and prepare to fail” a very true statement and this unique, equestrian minded Leroy and Bongo 2017 Planner will set you on the path to success whether you’re learning about a new horse and want to document your journey, your horse is in rehab, or you’re planning the fitness work and competition season to follow it will bring joy to all and be a special memoir of how 2017 was spent with your beloved Gee Gee.
Written by Gee Gee & Me, (Jessica Challinor), for