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Hacking Out With… Chloe Aston

The 2016 Liverpool International Horse Show was simply amazing! Dirt bikes, fireworks, a new year, and our favourite showjumping format ever! The Speed Knockout…


Chloe Aston riding the equine thunderbolt, Amigo T


Normally, there’s two horses to be seen in a speed knockout finish line photo, but one youthful rider was so far ahead of the field, her competitors were nowhere to be seen!
She won all of 4 of her heats in style, and against a star studded lineup consisting of Laura Renick, Shane Breen, John Whitaker, Antony Condon, Guy Williams and more! Crowned Speed Knockout Champion, she took home a hefty €2640.


This how we came to know about Chloe Aston, now arguably one of the fastest riders in the world. She was simply sensational to watch, and memories of her winning the speed knockout will always be some of our fondest.



Chloe Ston & Amigo T on their victory lap


We were fortunate enough to feature Chloe in the January edition of My Horse Box alongside an awesome high quality print of her competing in the speed knockout!


Chloe Aston’s Facebook Page – British Showjumper


Here’s her full interview;


Chloe Aston beating David Simpson in the Speed Knockout



Hacking Out With Chloe Aston


In this month’s edition of ‘Hacking Out with…’, we’re having a catch-up with Chloe Aston! Chloe is an international Showjumper and was named Young Rider of the Year by British Showjumping in both 2012 and 2013. Let’s see what she made of in 2016, and find out her plans for the coming year!


Q1: Hello Chloe! 2017 certainly seems to have started with a bang for you! Congratulations on your successes at The Liverpool International Horse Show, how did you find the show, and how did it feel to win the 4* Speed Knockout?


A: Hi! I enjoyed The Liverpool international Horse Show so much! Nina Barbour and her team did a fantastic job putting everything together. As for the win, the feeling was amazing, the excitement of the crowd and the atmosphere made winning the class very special.


Q2: We loved being part of that audience that cheered you on! The theme of our January box is New Years’ resolutions and good riding habits. What resolutions have you set for 2017 and which good riding habit would you suggest is the most important?

A: My New Year’s resolution is to enjoy every moment and keep thinking positively. I think the most important riding habit to adopt is having the feeling and understanding for each horse’s individual needs and keeping soft when working with them.


Q3: That is so true; great tip. Seeing as you’re one of the fastest riders we’ve ever seen, how do you prepare your horses for speed competitions? Do you have any favourite training exercises or routines that improve pace?

A: Amigo is always keen to go fast, so much so that I spend most of my time working to slow him down!
One of my main training exercises is to control the horse with my seat position. For example, I lighten my seat and the horse moves forward and when I sit deeper in my saddle, the horse immediately comes back to me. This control really helps during speed rounds.


Q4: In this month’s print, we see you and Amigo pip David Simpson to the post in the Speed Knockout class at Liverpool. There’s a huge amount of excitement around Amigo, what’s he like outside of the arena?

A: Amigo has a bit of cheeky character and believe it or not, he’s actually the most laid back horse on the yard! He loves his Polo mints and always enjoys a cuddle.


Q5: Oh, bless him! 2017 looks like it’s going to be a huge year for you, what do you have planned and what would you like to achieve?

A: My aim for this year will be trying to move up the world rankings and picking up points wherever I can. Hopefully I can pick up enough points this year to gain entry to higher ranked shows.


We’re sure you’ll have a brilliant year. It’s been great getting to know you Chloe, when will we see you next on the competition circuit?


A: After a fantastic start to the year at Liverpool, the horses will rest throughout January before heading off to the Portugese resort of Vilamoura in February where we will stay and compete for 6 weeks. I can’t wait!





We’re delighted that we could feature Chloe Aston, and I think we can expect many years of success.
Please go check out her Facebook Page and give her a like 🙂



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