Ecohoof Pink Hoof Clay – Product Review

A change in Gee Gee and Me’s lifestyle led me to explore the benefits of going barefoot. Once I had committed to this change I felt I had been given a new pair of eyes when looking and thinking about equine hoof care. The months before the metal came off I prepped and polished like never before. Learning day by day with a heightened awareness of the products I choose to use, their ingredients and the effect they have on our equines.


Naturally this meant love at first sight for Gee Gee and Me and Ecohoof’s Pink Hoof Clay in May’s ‘Go Green’ My Horse Box. The exciting collaboration saw the release of a 250ml Limited Edition tub of the magical Pink Hoof Clay.


My Horse Box May 2017 Ecohoof Pink Clay

The lovely Ecohoof Pink Clay


The clay can be painted onto the hoof, sole, white line area and frog acting as a barrier to infection and once dry acts as a poultice staying in place for 12 hours, before naturally flaking off and degrading into the ground.


100% natural, eco-friendly and full of essential oils, it smells good enough to eat – but please don’t – and gives hooves a pretty pink glow. I have been generously packing it onto Oscar’s frogs and they look healthier than ever and both his shod and bare foot are thriving on it.


My Horse Box May 2017 Ecohoof Pink Clay

Oscar’s feet are looking fab thanks to Ecohoof!


One of my all time favourites from My Horse Box – thank you for discovering it.


If you missed out on May’s Go Green you can purchase a 500ml tub here.


Written by Jessica Challinor (Gee Gee & Me) for My Horse Box