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Hacking Out With… Boyd Exell

At both Olympia and Liverpool Horse Shows, we were fortunate enough to watch one competitor who has dominated his sport for more than a decade!


Boyd Exell and his team at The London Olympia Horse Show 2016



How about this for a list of equestrian sporting achievements;


  • 6 x FEI World Champion

  • 10 x British Champion

  • 3 x World Equestrian Games Champion

  • 7 x CAI-A Windsor Champion

  • 7 x CAIO Aachen Champion

  • REEM ACRA Best Athlete 2015


That’s not even all of it! Boyd Exell is one of the most successful athletes in the world, his success throughout his sport can arguably be compared to the likes of Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods, Charlotte Dujardin, Serena Williams… you get the picture :p


We were very fortunate to be able to feature Boyd Exell in the box and give our subscribers the chance to see into the workings of Team Exell. Enjoy this one, it’s a rare insight indeed.



Boyd Exell winning the World Cup of Driving at The London Olympia Horse Show






Hacking Out With Boyd Exell



Ladies and Gentleman, in this month’s issue of ‘Hacking Out with…’, we’re meeting somebody very special. . . 6 time FEI World Champion and undisputedly the best Extreme Carriage Driver of all time, it’s Boyd Exell!



Q1: Hi Boyd! It’s an absolute pleasure to be hacking out with you this month. We last saw you in the UK competing at Olympia. You won the World Cup Driving Leg, so huge congratulations! Can you tell us a bit about your time at The London Olympia Horse Show and the British crowds?


A: After living in the UK for over 20 years, going to Olympia is like coming home.  The Extreme Driving at Olympia has run for around 5 years now and the crowd are amazing, more enthusiastic with every year, and now combined with an appreciation for the sport.



Q2: In this month’s print, we see you competing at Leipzig in Germany. Another fabulous event for you, winning both the first competition & the final. We see you driving the amazing team of Bajnok, Clinton Star, Costa 49, & Demi.  What’s their team relationship like outside of the arena?


A: Clinton and Demi are the wheelers. Clinton is always eager to please and can be a worrier, Demi loves to have a routine and is super gentle with our kids. Costa is the Grandpa of the team and Bajnok (aka Bundy) is the Boss, we have to be careful who we partner him with both at home and in competition.

Q3: What does it take to compete on the World Driving stage? Surely you can’t do it alone! Tell us about your team, staff, and support.
A: We have a great team of friends, sponsors and supporters, including Dodson & Horrell, many of whom have been with me from my start in the UK. They are a unique bunch of people from all walks of life who come together to help and support me at the shows, from catering to truck driving, navigating and grooming. I’m also lucky to have a great bunch at home who I can rely on and not worry about yard issues when I’m away competing.



Q4: For so many of our Driving fans here in the UK, the sport can sometimes seem difficult to get into.
What advice would you give them if they wanted to get involved or start Driving?


A: The British Carriage Driving website has masses of information including clubs and instructors local to your area so that is really the go-to site for national information.  Hoefnet, a Dutch website, carries all the international news, results, information and calendars. The local clubs are very welcoming and driving is something you can have a go at no matter your age, or fitness level.

Q5: You’ve consistently been the leading Driver for so many years now Boyd. What is it that keeps you motivated and what goals do you hope to achieve this year?


A: For me, training the horses and understanding the individual that make a team is my motivation.  I enjoy training other drivers and seeing them progress.  Short term we have our indoor world cup final in Goteborg at the end of February to aim at, and of course, The USA World Equestrian Games in 2018.



Q6: It’s been amazing getting to know you Boyd, thank you so much for being part of the February box.
When will we see you next competing in the UK?


A: One of the first international outdoor events in our calendar is Royal Windsor Horse Show in May, hope we see you there!




We’re very pleased to announce that Boyd won his 7th! Driving World Cup in February 2017 at Goteburg, achieving his short term goal and adding to his incredible list of achievements.

Hey, maybe featuring in My Horse Box is a good omen, with now Boyd & Anna Power achieving their goals 😀

A big thank you goes out to Boyd and his team for making this interview happen, we cannot wait to see you compete again this year!


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