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Hacking Out With… Anna Power

2 months before the launch of My Horse Box, we attended The Horse of The Year Show to relax for the weekend and watch some world class showjumping. We found ourselves gripped by the Accumulator, and one rider in particular stood out with her speed, determination, and a stunning blue jacket.


 Anna Power riding Chesterfield Z 


Of course, it was non-other than Anna Power and Chesterfield Z, and blimey did they put on a good show! Speed is ‘Chezzys’ speciality and both of us took an instant liking to this pair 😀


We saw Anna Power compete another 3 times over that weekend and she quickly become our favourite. After several great performances, our new found favourite then went on to win ‘HOYS Leading Lady’ in just her second year competing at international level at this event. We know how to pick them… 😉


When we came up with the ‘Hacking Out With…’ idea upon launching My Horse Box, Anna Power was naturally the first rider we wanted to feature in our first ever box. As you might have guessed, she said yes!


Several months on, we’re very proud to have Anna and her husband Matt as friends in the equestrian world. We’ll be supporting her for many years to come and we can’t wait to see her at the top of the rankings! 🙂


Anna Power’s Website – British Showjumper


Here’s her full interview;


Anna Power – Riding Crack Van Overis Z (Sid)



Hacking Out With Anna Power


Q: Hi Anna! It seems like 2016 has been a great year for you, especially after getting married and having a fantastic appearance at the Horse of the Year Show. Tell us a bit about your experience at HOYS, and how it felt to be crowned Leading Lady!


A: It was my first invitation to jump the international week at HOYS, I’ve always enjoyed the show having jumped there for the past ten consecutive years. I won the Newcomers Final in 2015 so it was great to follow a successful show last year. It was the first indoor show my horses had jumped since last winter so you’re never quite sure how they will find it. Chester has never experienced a show like HOYS, so for me they were both superstars and both rose to the occasion. HOYS provides an atmosphere like no other; the crowd is just so loud and it is just amazing when everyone is cheering for you. I’m very appreciative and being crowned Leading Lady meant so much to me.



Q: In this month’s print, we see you riding Chesterfield Z at HOYS. He’s a stunning horse; what’s he like in real life?


A: He is an incredibly cheeky but loveable character; he’s always kicking the stable door wanting attention whenever I’m on the yard. When he’s in the ring he always gives 100% and is such a trier, he has a real turn of speed which always makes him competitive. He’s at his most content in his stable with a bundle of fresh hay or being cuddled. He loves to nuzzle you and tends to falls asleep when stroked.



Q: He sounds like such a sweetie! So, after such a busy year, how will you be enjoying your Christmas break?


A: I will be at home with my husband Matt and the horses. We will be having some family over, I do love Christmas, it’s one of my favourite times of year. I have some young horses so the break only really happens for my older ones. The youngsters will be out at local shows learning the ropes before we head out to the sunshine in the new year.



Q: Sounds like they’ll keep you busy! And speaking of competitions, many of our subscribers compete at grassroots level, so what advice would you give those who are hoping to become successful, professional riders?


A: Not to throw a cliché out there, but it’s very much reap what you sow. Work really hard, 7 days a week, and ride every day if you can. Producing your horses and being in tune with them, knowing when they need a rest and when to bring them on. I always take my horses up to the next level to keep them improving; if they can easily jump a 1.30m class then instead of winning prize money there I will take them up to the 1.40m and keep them progressing. Pushing outside of your comfort zone is important to both horse and rider progression. I’d rather be the small fish in the big pond with the potential to grow.



Q: That’s excellent advice. Looking forward to 2017, what are your plans for the New Year? Do you have any personal goals you’d like to achieve?


A: I’ve exceeded my goals for 2016, so 2017 will be driving ever further forward. I will be looking for some additional horses to add to my team, some mine and hopefully, some with owners. I really hope to be part of a Championship team for GBR – let’s hope that happens next year, Blazer is certainly good enough.



Q: He certainly is; the two of you make a great team. Thanks for chatting to us Anna, when we will we be seeing you next on the competitive circuit?’


A: The horses have been enjoying a break. I really hope to get an invitation to Olympia but if that doesn’t happen then I will head out to Europe and the sun in January. I hope to stay within the top 10 and be invited to more of the top British shows and I hope to jump at Windsor, nothing beats a home crowd!






4 months on from this interview… We’re so happy to say that Anna DID get an invite to Olympia where she did brilliantly! Not only that but she also came to the My Horse Box stand for a rider signing! 100 exclusive signed prints of Anna Power were gone within the hour!

I hope you’re not getting tired of this Anna, but we want to give you a BIG thank you one final time for working with us and giving us a chance when we were a brand new company!



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