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5 Reasons Why You Should Try A My Horse Box Subscription

Have you ever wondered what an ‘equestrian subscription box’ is? Or maybe you’ve seen some of our monthly boxes and want to know more? Maybe you have even considered subscribing, but as of yet haven’t taken the plunge.


Well, sit tight! We are here to show you why subscribing to My Horse Box is a really great idea…


My Horse Box equestrian subscription


Reason One – Horses love My Horse Boxes


The main point of My Horse Box is to make our subscribers and their horses as happy as we can! So whilst we’ve never actually heard this directly from a horse’s mouth (sorry), many of our subscribers have reliably informed us that their horses love the products from our boxes.


And let’s face it: considering all the tasty treats, flashy hi vis and pampering grooming products we’ve included over the years, we can’t blame them!


Reason Two: You’ll discover new brands and products



Another of our aims is to showcase small, bespoke equestrian businesses, whose products aren’t necessarily seen on the shelves of every tack shop. In this way, we’re constantly introducing our subscribers to innovative products from brands they may have never heard of!


We do all the leg work, and find you the best products on the equestrian market today.


Reason Three: It’s great value for money


A subscription costs £34.99 per month (with free UK postage), but the contents of each box has a guaranteed minimum value of £50.


There’s also lots of added extras like interviews with famous equestrians, exclusive discount vouchers, and the boxes themselves are pretty snazzy too!


Reason Four: We come highly recommended


Our boxes have been featured in Horse & Hound’s Christmas gift guide, and The Independent newspaper named our boxes one of the best pet subscriptions in the UK! To read their full review of My Horse Box, click here.


We also have some wonderful feedback from our subscribers: every single review on our Facebook page has 5 stars, and many of our lovely customers make YouTube videos and blog posts about their boxes.


Reason Five: It’s a damn sight more exciting than bills!


If we had a penny for every time someone told us that receiving a My Horse Box “is like Christmas every month”, then we’d have a lot of pennies!


Signing yourself or a loved one up for a My Horse Box subscription is a real treat. It combines a monthly surprise with the excitement of discovering new products – what’s not to love?



If you made it this far, the chances are you’re looking to join the My Horse Box club. We’d be thrilled to have you! And if you use the code ‘TRYME’ at the checkout, you’ll get 15% off your first box. Just click here to get started… trust us, your horse will thank you!

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