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Month: August 2017

IV Horse No Sweat! Body Wash – Review

The July theme was ‘Summer Time’ and I was excited to find this ‘No Sweat’ body wash enclosed in this month’s My Horse Box! Endless brands have released hydrating body washes this year and I haven’t yet been part of the craze… I couldn’t wait to try it out!   ‘No Sweat’ is a refreshing…..

Outside The Box: August Favourites

  Hello! Welcome to the first ever post in our new ‘Outside The Box’ series. We often post articles and blogs about our boxes and the products inside, but we want to branch out and start covering a wider scope of content as well. ‘Outside The Box’ posts will explore anything and everything equestrian, and…..

Bespoke & Personal Mane & Tail Comb – Review

  Hello again! It’s time for another product review! In December I unwrapped a delightful dandy brush. In March, I found a beautiful body brush and for June, I discovered a perfect mane & tail comb. Hand crafted by Bespoke & Personal just for My Horse Box, they’re really special and it is about time…..


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