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Supreme Products Grooming Apron – Review

My Horse Box arrived prior to an evening of washing, trimming, pulling and plaiting so what better time to try and test the Supreme Products Grooming Apron? When I first wrapped it around my waist it made me feel like a pro, the Mary Berry of the grooming world… that would make me super groom…..

Ringcraft Equestrian – Sno-White Whitening Shampoo – Product Review

  As the keeper of a Unicorn, I consider myself to have an expert level of knowledge when it comes to the subject of equine shampoos, a magical creature he might be but unfortunately he doesn’t bath himself and would rather go in disguise if given the chance.

Product Review: Leroy & Bongo Planner

  During my 9-5 or 8 to 6…sometimes 7 as a more appropriate description, my world reolves around my computer. My trusted outlook calendar dictates my day minute by minute, constantly reminding me of meetings, conference calls and due returns. Without this wonderful tool, I’d be lost because in my professional life I don’t do…..